Thursday, June 12, 2008

what shall we create today ...

These words were actually painted on the walls of an artists' cafe in New Zealand where my parents live. I found it encouraging and forward looking and open to possibilities, just like how I would like muucafe to be.

MUUN Design Studio based in Toronto.
It is an idea, a dream and a work in progress.

It is a place for exchanging ideas and creating new ones.

MUUN started as an idea for an actual coffee shop called muucafe somewhere in Toronto.
Well we still don't have the real cafe yet but it will definitely become a reality some day and ideas are still brewing. So meanwhile all you need to know is that behind every great design is a fantastic cuppa coffee. Mine is a grande non-fat mocha with whipped cream.

Creative solutions for :
Print graphics

Art Direction

I will be posting my work, thoughts, processes and daily rants on this blog.

Today is the milestone where I can officially say that dreams are made on the MUUN.
Just signed the documentation for a government grant to help with the start of this new venture.

cheers to Lychee Martinis & a sleeping baby!