Thursday, September 11, 2008

Fat Lip Clothing

Our dear dear friend Mike Wolfe, has finally launched their new Winter 08/09 collection for Fat Lip Clothing. And we just wanna say how we love the new website and art direction. The logo is a timeless representation of their brand and will bring it to ride a 50-footer at Mavericks. Best of luck at the tradeshow in Atlantic city! Hopefully he'll be back energized with bag loads of orders, or at least some great stories to tell.

Our own business cards !

Finally we have something to give out to our clients.
Digital propaganda did a great job with the print and I have been getting nothing but good comments about it so far. We even tied a little string at the end to make it more "tactile". We want our own graphics to become more 'real' and 'down to earth' by getting in tuned with hand-made elements. That is the direction we took for our business cards.

Revamping Construction News...

Who would think Construction newsletters could look so hip?
We just completed our first 2 projects with the leading Construction News Publisher : Reed Construction Data. Working closely with their marketing manager, Sonia, we freshened up a series of 3 email blast for their CONSTRUCT CANADA pre-show guide and planner. Clean, bold imagery and a brand new Construct Canada "stamp" was created to give it a crisp new design direction.

We also create a completely new look for Flyers, Order forms and sell sheets that promote another one of their publications, the MUNICIPAL REDBOOK for Alberta and B.C.. There was much debate about whether the red bird should stay in the final layout. But with some persuasion, they agreed that it added that extra "something" to the flyer and tied in with the "Early Bird special".

In the following weeks we are also working on a 2 page Ad for The Journal of Commerce and Daily Commercial news. Check in for updates.

Other projects currently brewing are our own website, as well as a business card and web update for Shift Studio - a yoga/pilates studio owned by Sheila Cameron. We did their branding, logo and environmental design when they first started in 2006. Now the dynamics of the studio has changed and they require a change of their image as well.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Signs and Flowers

The Quinceflowers main signage is finally on the way to fabrication. We confirmed and did all the colour matching at Burry Signs last week and it's good to go. Can't wait to see it up on the storefront. Since we are on the topic of signs, the side door sign that we designed for Quinceflowers must have been so attractive that it was stolen a week after it was up....Or it could have been the bad neighbourhood. :) This 'was' the sign >>