Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Construction from Nature's Point of view

Just completed an ad campaign for the Daily Commercial News and Journal of Commerce, in the Construction Canada Association Magazine. We took inspiration from nature's hardest working bunch ... the worker bees, and played up on the symbolism of the colour yellow (think of Caterpillar trucks, Bulldozers and yellow Construction hats). The ad is meant to convey both the print and online presence of these Construction Newspapers.

Quinceflower's new website

Congratulations to Quince Flowers on the launch of their new online presence.
They are truly THE BEST florist in Toronto, and now they have a website to match.

New Facebook Group

Just managed to set up a decent group on Facebook ....yes, we are joining the ranks of social networking to grow the business. I guess it's the cheapest form of advertising and promotion these days, besides calling up all your friends and making sure they give you all the business.
Visit us HERE.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Before and After Branding

Many people are curious what some of the brands we worked on looked like before. So i have compiled a series of Before and After shots for comparison....just like the slimming ads you see on TV.

The Money Club

We have been working on Ron's book cover illustration for a few months now. It has finally been nailed down. There are still 10 other illustrations for the inside sections to be completed...watch out for that soon.

Ron's book is about Money and how to spend wisely, while linking us to the industry experts for advice. Especially with these economic times, this topic is surely relevant. Cannot wait to be able to put a "Bestseller" sticker on the cover.

Branding at home downtown

We have completed this project months ago, and Kat Tsoi has been enjoying her newly branded business cards and letterheads. There has been so much chemistry working with a young, energetic entrepreneur like Kat. Her positive attitude and quest for "only the best" is definitely something that rubbed off on us. Visit www.athomedowntown.ca if you need a free home evaluation or advice on pre-sale procedures.

Block Party at Quince Flowers and Oma Chiropractic

Just wanted to congratulate Quince Flowers on the official opening of their new store on Queen Street East's Riverside. They are also launching their new website on the same day.

The store is looking fabulous as always....thanks to Rosie and her hardworking staff. Whoever is reading this blog is invited to their Block party tomorrow, Oct 17th. Check out the invitations we designed for them. The map is courtesy of the National Archives circa 1800s, juxtaposed with a google satellite image of today. Will post photos from the party later.