Sunday, March 29, 2009

Environmental graphics of the "raw" nature

We've been working with Dialogue 38 on some interior graphics and art direction for a new sushi restaurant at Yorkville. It's still in production now but i think will be exciting to see it up. It's a 3D tree lattice structure that wraps around the walls and ceiling of the entire space. It's going to feel like dining in the envelope of trees. We are also working to finalize a 4 x 10 feet poster image at the back of the sushi bar...will update once we are done. Looks like we will doing a lot more environment graphics which is kind of like going back to our roots and training in architecture. Don't you believe that things always end in full circles? Some people call it karma ... fate or destiny. For us, as long as we working the creative side of the brain, we are happy and can call it our own.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Gotta Love Typography

Have been doing some research on type and came across some pretty cool sites. Here is one featuring Typographic posters. I think the eclectic and spatial nature of each single letter makes them great graphic elements that are cross-genre and cross cultures. The type of today is no longer just to communicate the words, but are themselves a visual statement.

Hardcore typographic addicts visit this site for inspiration and updates on the world of type. The writer is John D Boardley, a graphic designer based in japan. "I love typography" is going to be part of our RSS list for sure.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Live Life or Love Life in 2009 ?

2009 has already proven to be full of challenges as we finally launched our website on Feb 14th, after a long incubation period... It seems appropriate to start on the day where love and friendship is celebrated. We believe that 'relationships' will be one of the major building blocks for businesses this year...

You'll be seeing alot of our LIVE LIFE or LOVE LIFE campaign below :

There is always two choices in life (and in business):
Live Life as usual and see what happens...or find ways to Love Life as you live it.

We believe that Muun Design Studio can make Corporate, Retail and Industry business owners & professionals Love Life in 2009, by taking care of their creatives while they handle the more important things in their business.

So choose to Love Life in 2009 and let us grow together with your business. We welcome you to our home. Look around, get familiarized with our works and see what we can do for you. is born.