Thursday, June 12, 2008

Starting my own shoe collection...

As the shoemaker's daughter who goes around without shoes, I'm still in the process of designing my own brand image and business card. I think it will be a constantly evolving process, but some day I will start my own shoe collection- literally. (i already have 50 pairs to boast) Notice the wide grin on my face right now :)

The new logo on the left of the wordmark is open to interpretation. It is derived from the shape of a keyhole. But could also be a magnifying device, a wrench, the top of a clown's hat...or a symbol of a mother and child. In the spirit if vintage styling, it's made to look like an old stamped image. I was inspired by the antique ephemera and vintage keys that were sold on an Etsy shop called Paper Perfect.

Well, it is just a collection of ideas and things that I love and treasure.