Saturday, May 16, 2009

Ginza on the Go...

custom back-lit menu board with magnetic backing, direct UV printed on acetate.

Channel Letters at the fabrication shop ... look how dark the colour looks unlit.

...and lit.

Tree Lattice finally up ...

It's been more than a month of working on the sushi restaurants....wish there were more sushi-sampling though. The 3-dimensional Tree Lattice, Sushi Bar poster, banners, exterior signage, menu boards, menus, take-out menus and business cards are all done. Seems like a lot of work and sleepless nights have gone into it, but i think the great team effort paid off. Ginza sushi finally opened their doors at Yorkville's trendy downtown location last weekend. I heard they were giving out roses to passer-bys on mother's day, May 10th. We still have the actual Main Menus waiting to be completed. Our translucent PP covers still need to be UV printed, die-cut and shipped. So it won't be another week or two before we see them.

Anyway, here is a preview of all that was completed...including some behind the scene construction photos. Oh, did we also mention the pains we went through trying to achieve the right tone of purple for the exterior channel letters? We experimented and finally used 4 layers of vinyl in digital print colour to get the right colour when lit. Never have we gone to such lengths to do colour matching. Remind me never to do digital printing for outdoor signs. Let's just stick with the Avery colours.